Enabling I2S on Xavier NX with Camera Drivers



I’m trying to get the I2S interface to work with a camera driver. Both the I2S and camera work independently, however if I try to setup I2S via jetson-io.py with the camera driver installed, the camera driver stops working. I also know I can use the pinmux table to generate files for the GPIO

I understand that when I enable the I2s via jetson-io.py and reboot the NX, the device tree gets overriden/changed, thus the camera driver is no longer functional. I can create a dtbo and dts file via jetson-io.py . I don’t know where to fit these files in the Linux_For_Tegra Folder. Can someone give me a detailed explaination please?

Have a check the kernel message by dmesg | grep -i kernel should be able know the file name like below.

[    0.434934] DTS File Name: /home/carol/Desktop/JEP/Image/Xavier_R32.4.3_Build/Linux_for_Tegra/source/public/kernel/kernel-4.9/arch/arm64/boot/dts/../../../../../../hardware/nvidia/platform/t19x/jakku/kernel-dts/tegra194-p3668-all-p3509-0000.dts