Enabling IMX185-Leopard Imaging on Jetson TX2


How can we use on Tegra linux driver R27.1 (Jetson TX2) the module LI-TX1-KIT-IMX185-LED from Leopard Imaging

can use recomendation of tegra linux driver packege R24.2

2.0 implementation notes
2.4 Using the leopard Imaging IMX185 Camera module

Drivers compiled for particular kernel versions do not load on other kernels.

Thus, you need to get a new compiled driver from Leopard Imaging, or you need to get the source from them and re-compile it yourself, assuming it’s been ported to the new kernel version.

This is a significant difference between industrial Linux systems like the TX2, and mainstream Linux systems like a typical desktop/laptop/server – the latter have all kinds of plug-and-play hardware interfaces that makes integration easier; the former don’t, and need various “hard-coded” driver set-ups.