Enabling MCP251x on the TX1 with release 28.1


I am able to successfully configure MCP2515 on release 24 following the guidelines mentioned here https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/998947/jetson-tx1/guide-to-enabling-mcp251x-mcp2515-on-the-tx1-spi-can-/1 but unable to bring up the chip on release 28.1 as since release 28.1,there is no hard-code hierarchy in arch/arm64/mach-tegra, so didn’t understand where do you place the platform code and board info code as there is no file arch/arm64/mach-tegra/board-t210ref.c as it was in release 24.

Appreciate any support.

Hi Bani_j

I think you can check this link for the solution

I also encountered the same issue, hope it can help.