Enabling MIPI CSI Block

Hi, Is there any way to confirm that the CSI D-phy blocks are enabled or not? Is it tied to any particular regulator (other than ldo2) which needs to be enabled?

Yes, ldo2 is the CSI D-phy power source.
If you can see that the ldo2 output is 1.2V, D-phy blocks are enabled.
The net name of ldo2 power is ‘+1.2V_GEN_AVDD’ in the schematic.

I saw ldo2 is not turned on after boot up completed, it means CSI D-phy is not enabled by default.

In my device, ldo2 is enabled. Is there any other register configuration necessary to make sure the CSI data coming from a MIPI-CSI transmitter (connected to CSI_A_D0,D1 and CSI_B_D0,D1 lanes) is received properly by the CSI receiver in Jetson TK1.