Enabling Sharing Nucleus Enterprise - Cannot Access localhost:3080 (for System Monitor)

Hi there,

Having an issue with a Nucleus Enterprise install on remote server (within same network as clients machines).

Users are able to connect to the server using the server IP and can signup by creating username with email.

However, I am unable to login with admin credentials, nor access the System Monitor at http://localhost:3080

This means I am unable to enable sharing or access the Users menu as outlined in this doc:


Any help with this would be appreciated!


Hello @andrew.w.hamilton! Do you know who your Enterprise Account Representative is? I can directly contact them to give you better assistance with your server.

Hi @WendyGram - thanks for your reply! I’m not sure if I have an Enterprise Account Rep, but I was initially made aware of Omniverse from Chris Mcleod at NVIDIA who has given intro to system and helped with initial setup - would this be my rep?

I’ll message Chris and let him know you need some assistance.

Thanks @WendyGram !