Enabling Uart And Ethernet Interface on Boot


I am using NVIDIA Xavier hardware and using doflash for flashing the image.

I am using meta-tegra for the build.

I am not able to enable the uart serial terminal and Ethernet interface on boot. To enable the Ethernet interface i need to give command to make the interface up.

I want this Ethernet interface to get enabled as soon as image boots up.

I request you all to please suggest me how I can do it.


I believe you should post this question to the Xavier group: Jetson Xavier NX - NVIDIA Developer Forums

This current group is for SONIC, and isn’t related to Jetson Xavier. Sorry for the confusion.


I can only say that none of the tool and build you are using is directly from our official software.

If you have problem with meta-tegra, please ask your question over GitHub - OE4T/meta-tegra: BSP layer for NVIDIA Jetson platforms, based on L4T.

This is not maintained by us.

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