Any tips/pointers on enclosure that I can use for the Jetson TX2?


Can you please tell more details of what you request?

So i am looking to see if there is a case that is recommended for housing TX2, to ensure that it is protected and can be transported easily. Thanks.

I have this one for my TX1.

But at the moment I can’t find where they are being sold.

The TX-2 uses the Micro ITX form factor. You can Google for a case that perfectly fits your needs. I have this one https://www.amazon.com/MITXPC-MX500-Industrial-Mini-ITX-WallMount/dp/B01B575EMA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1491059783&sr=8-1&keywords=MITXPC+MX500

To make this (or any other standard micro ITX case) trade-show worthy you need to add a custom back panel that matches the TX-1/TX-2 I/O ports. The front panel USB ports and panel LED do not work, and the power switch will turn the TX-1/2 on but not off.

If you are interested in embedded enclosures, ConnectTech also makes the hermetically sealed Rudi and Rosi systems.

Thanks all for your responses.

The Rudi and Rosi though are total systems and are rather expensive for my project. I want to use the default stock carrier board. Does anyone make a splashproof (or attempt to be somewhat sealed) mini ITX form factor that I could put the Tx2 in?

All I can find is ITX cases with tons of ventilation holes in them.


We use the Leopard Imaging Carrier Card instead of the TX-1/TX-2 Dev Kit and enclose it in an off the shelf aluminum extrusion with a 3D printed back panel. If desired this enclosure can be cut down to create a package that is about 4.25" x 4.25" x 1.25".

Available from Frys for under $20. http://frys.com/product/2090760?site=sr:SEARCH:MAIN_RSLT_PG

If you want the custom back panel I can send you a link to it on TinkerCad. PM me.

That’s exactly what the ConnectTech people are selling.

Because this is a niche market, with not large volumes, the cost of well-engineered solutions will be significantly higher than you might be used to if you compare to consumer market (or high-volume enterprise market) prices.

Trust me, it’s easier and cheaper to buy a ConnectTech system, than trying to build a IP65 enclosure on your own.

If the system one needs protection while traveling, get a Pelican case and some plywood and drill the appropriate holes to mount the board in the case. (Some knife-type screw inserts would be helpful, too, as the Pelican plastic is soft doesn’t hold threads.)

Note that the “acrylic enclosure” is really just two laser-cut plexiglass sheets and some stand-offs/screws:

You can build your own through one of many affordable laser cut services if you know how to put some rectangles and circles in the right place in a drawing program or CAD system :-)
Also, acrylic/plexiglass looks great, but is bad for two reasons:

  1. It builds up high static electricity charge, which is bad for CMOS electronics if it gets to the circuit board
  2. It’s quite fragile, and will very likely crack if you put some stress on it (including tightening the screws too hard)

FYI, the Rudi and Rosie and full systems (not enclosures you retro-fit around a dev board). They run $1650 and $1800 respectively, so as mentioned before, not cheap.

Those who are looking for economical solution for enclosure. This one is good.

These aluminium enclosures are perfect for the Jetson Dev Kit Mini ITX formfactor


You can machine holes for cameras in the top plate for camera lens when attaching cameras directly to the carrier board.

The EH60 is exactly the right height and the board screws into mounts in the enclosure, 10 minute job and youre done.

Regards, H

There’s a live Kickstarter campaign of a complete enclosure for Nvidia Jetson TX2 at just $24. Link: http://kck.st/2E5kx1c

I am considering starting a kickstarter campaign for an enclosure for the Jetson Nano. My thoughts are to incorporate mounts for cameras and to provide connector panel options for dev kit main board as well as JN30 main board.

The enclosure would be aluminium, not cardboard or 3D printed plastic as these materials cannot dissipate heat. The aluminium enclosure will be thermally designed to ensure fanless operation of the Nano, and internal mounting for cameras including e-con, Leopard, Rpi, and custom camera mount.

Is anyone interested in this, any comments on design requirements.

Here’s one that just got posted (not what you are looking for since it isn’t aluminum, but worth mentioning for anyone searching for a dev kit chassis):

Thanks for your response. I have a TX2 myself and had no luck finding a complete enclosure. Hence I designed this case and launched a campaign on kickstarter. But sadly, if the campaign doesn’t reach its goal, won’t be able to make a large production possible. So please do share it with your friends who are TX2 users.

Hi Aparajita, I used the RealLan H60 enclosure (http://www.minicase.net/product_E-H60.html) which is a perfect fit for TX1 and TX2 dev kit carrier board in an aluminium power coated enclosure in mini ITX formfactor (buy here - https://www.cameratech.com.au/products/e-h60-aluminium-mini-itx-case). Saves a lot of trouble doing a kickstarter and has a professional look and quality.

Hope that helps

Well, this one does not have a camera cutout and requires screws to fix it. The one I designed has a camera cutout for usage of TX2’s camera and it doesn’t involve any screws for installation.

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