Encode performance decreased if the channels over 8


I find the total encode performance will be decrease when the channels set more than 8, I wonder what’s wrong with my testing way,

my test result is:

Here’s the encode test way:

the ./per_enc.sh is like:
job=9 #Task number
for ((i=0; i<$job; i++)); do
./video_encode Bbasketballdrive_1920x1080_8_50_500.yuv 1920 1080 H264 out_$i.264 --max-perf -p high -nrf 1 -hpt 1 -ifi 50 -ifi 50 -MinQpI 37 -MaxQpI 37 -MinQpP 37 -MaxQpI 37 --stats > $i.txt
echo “end”

The same performance degradation over 8 channels will be shown on the transcode test,

Thanks for your reply

Thanks for reporting the issue. We are checking it. Here is a related post:
Encoding performance issue on Xavier AGX, but no problem on Nano (simultaneous encoding)

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