Encoding HEVC with constrainedFrame, enableConstrainedEncoding missing in NV_ENC_PIC_PARAMS_HEVC ?


I’m trying to encode some sequence to HEVC using nvenc with constrainedFrame enabled but I cannot find
enableConstrainedEncoding flag in NV_ENC_CONFIG_HEVC structure. It is present in NV_ENC_CONFIG_H264 but not in HEVC.

My question is: is it enough to set constrainedFrame on pic params when using hevc ? (doesn’t seem like so, as the resulting bitstream contains unconstrained frames though) or is this error in VideoSDK’s nvEncodeAPI.h ?

I’m using Video Codec SDK 9.0.20.

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Hi again,

querying encoder caps on Quadro P5000 and Quadro M4000 cards returns in both cases “false” for NV_ENC_CAPS_SUPPORT_CONSTRAINED_ENCODING in HEVC encoder and “true” in H264. Is there any specification that list detailed capabilities of nvenc (Pascal GP10x) (other than querying the card itself, or reading video sdk headers)?



Hi Mikołaj,
This seems to be a bug from our side. We will investigate this more and post when we have an update.
For future reference, this issue is tracked internally as 200532912.


Hi Mandar Godse,

thank you for response, is there any progres on this issue ?



I ran into the same problem,is there any progress on this issue?

This issue is on our roadmap. Fix will be available in the future Video Codec SDK releases.


I see the latest sdk release version is 9.1, is the issue fixed on v9.1?

Fix didn’t happen in time for 9.1 release, it will be available in the next SDK version.

What is the timeline for the next release?

GTC 2020 is coming, will the new SDK be released during GTC?

Can you share the timeline for the next release?

I see SDK10 released. So the bug is fixed on 10 release?