Encoding interlaced composite video.

We are capturing composite video (interlaced) converting it to CSI, and feeding it to
the TX2 input system, and have a couple of questions.

a) The CSI input seems to require the exact number of input lines to be specified.
In the interlaced input there may not be the same number of lines in each field.
How should this be handled?

b) Is there de-interlace support?

c) Has anyone else gotten a similar configuration to work?

Thanks in advance.


CSI only support interleave and current tegra soft still not support it yet.

Could you please clarify something. In your previous answer you said that CSI only support interleaved video signal. Does this mean that Tegra TX2 CSI and video input has hardware limitations, that it can’t capture interlaced video, with odd and even halves sent as separate frames? Or this simply means that there is no support in media drivers for interlaced video, that odd and even halves can only be sent interleaved?

Thanks in advance.


You can check TRM to see what TX2 CSI support. No matter what current software driver not implement it.