Encoding Setting for Cloud Gaming Services

Hi, I am a researcher working on QoE of cloud gaming services.
I would like to ask about the encoding setting that might be used for cloud gaming service. As far as I understood, there is no B-frames for encoding. Can I get some information about GoP size and encoding mode (e.g. CBR, VBR) and number of encoding passes that NVIDIA is using for live streaming like cloud gaming services.

Can’t help with your main question but this limitation applies only to HEVC. B frames are supported for AVC video.

EDIT: Apparently gaming APIs disallow B frames for AVC too.

Well, there is no B-Frame for encoding setting of GEFORCE NOW which NVIDIA offers for gaming streaming (for both h.264 and h.265). They dont have B-frame in order to reduce the delay and perhaps it is better live streaming in case of packet loss. You can find it in the slide 28 of below presentation.

What I would like to know is about the detailed information about the encoding setting and strategy that NVIDIA uses for cloud gaming service.

Hi s.tootaghaj,

We cannot provide the settings being used for NVIDIA’s cloud gaming service. However, the programming guide included in NVENC has a generic discussion about settings to use for low latency streaming. Please take a look at that.


Ryan Park