End Time Code and Kinematic Body Demo

In the Kinematic Body Demo, two actors are moving back and forth and at “End Time Code” the loop starts again. Is there a way to use different “End Time Code” for e.g. different layers in a scene?

My goal is to have two kinemtic actors in a scene with different cycle times. For example, actor1 should move 1 m in 1 s and back again in 1 s and then start again. Actor2 should move 1 m in 2 s and back again in 2 s and start again. Actor1 will then have a cycle time of 2 s and actor2 will have 4 s. Is this possible?

I dont think you could achieve this with a different layer. The end time code is resolved and global for the stage. You would have to loop manually the Actor1 animation to match the resolved end time.


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