end_to_end_tensorflow_mnist Python sample - problem with Python "common" package

I am trying to run the end_to_end_tensorflow_mnist sample with TensorRT 5.0RC (TF 1.11, CUDA 9.0). In sample.py the module ‘common’ is imported and then used multiple times, such as

builder.max_workspace_size = common.GiB(1)
data_path = common.find_sample_data(description="Runs an MNIST network using a UFF model file", subfolder="mnist")

However, though ‘common’ is installed and imported successfully, I receive errors such as:
module ‘common’ has no attribute ‘find_sample_data’.

The answer is simple: there is a common.py file in the samples folder - I copied the files to somewhere else so I had no access to the ‘real’ common module.