Enhanced TEXT mode support


I managed to program the VGA registers to display text mode with up to 132 columns on a GeForce GT 330M (all works as if the pixel clock would be automaticaly updated from the VGA parameters).
But the GeForce GT 610 seems not to work with more than 80 columns.

Questions :

  1. Is there a way to program GeForce cards to display more than 80 columns text modes ?
  2. Which nVidia cards (present or past) are compatible with 132 column text modes, either by programming VGA registers or GPU registers (I am not speaking of BIOS support, which has been dropped a long time ago) ?

Modern NVIDIA GPUs all support VESA 3.0 which you can use for any imaginable text mode.

Birdie : thank you for you answer.
Could you explain how VESA 3.0 could be used to configure the video card to “any imaginable text mode” ?

nvch, I guess he is talking about getting nearest pixel clock feature of VBE3.
So knowing that vga can support some pixel clock you can build numerous text modes around it,
see SVGATextMode tool sources how are they doing this. http://www.the-dreams.de/projects/

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