enough speed for gigasample signal filtering?

Hi, I was looking at cuda performance figures and read some of the cufft benchmarks (e.g. http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?showtopic=42482) and pdfs (e.g. “Accelerating HPC Using GPU’s”).

The planned setup I have is 2-10 Gbit/s of network data (samples) input to a some gpu that should do realtime 1 gigasample filtering using overlapped FFT+IFFT/DFT+IDFT (Hilbert) or just band tunable FIR and resampling (mixing), followed by bit resolution reduction, and output 2-10 Gbit/s back to main memory. Some 8th order FIR is totally okay.

Essentially, gigasample data input, filter out one or more smaller parts of the spectrum, and output them.

My question is, do you think some GTX260/280 should be able to handle this?

(yep i got some doubts since the #42482 thread seemed to indicate the gpu’s can really do only 50-90 megasamples/sec. but maybe i’m wrong, and gigasample realtime signal filtering is possible…?)

  • Jan