Enquire about HDCP SRM error.

Hi there,

I’m writing to enquire about HDCP SRM error.

Our company is developing Windows Protected Media Path(PMP) player and plug-ins.

Our application purpose is apply a Output Protection using NVIDIA Geforce GTX 650 Ti Graphic cards. (for use with HDCP)

PMP player require to MFPROTECTIONATTRIBUTE_HDCP_SRM when we applied HDCP.

We input “http://www.digital-cp.com/about_dcp” HDCP.SRM sample data.
[Sample SRM Data]
80 00 00 01 00 00 00 2B D2 48 9E 49 D0 57 AE 31
5B 1A BC E0 0E 4F 6B 92 A6 BA 03 3B 98 CC ED 4A
97 8F 5D D2 27 29 25 19 A5 D5 F0 5D 5E 56 3D 0E

But we had received error message “0xC026251E ERROR_GRAPHICS_OPM_DRIVER_INTERNAL_ERROR”

What is HDCP_SRM??? which forwarding a data? Sample SRM? or the other data?