Enquiry about the Full Isaac Cortex Tutorial for Isaac Sim Version (2022.1.1)

We are currently using Isaac Cortex on Isaac Sim Version (2022.1.1). However, we cannot complete the ROS Synchronization process between the simulated Franka Robot Arm and Phsiycal Franka Robot Arm. I understand the online Isaac Sim Tutorial is updated to the latest version of Isaac Sim (2022.2.1).

Therefore, we would like to request the full Isaac Cortex Tutorial for Isaac Sim Version (2022.1.1) to assist us in finding out what’s wrong.

We appreciate the help from your group!

You can access the older docs from here: Previous Documentation — Omniverse Robotics documentation

But I would suggest to always update to latest Isaac Sim release and the docs which will be up-to-date with many bugs fixed.