Entire Project Missing, days worth of work lost

I spent the entire day yesterday working on a project in USD Composer. My Windows PC did an update and restart when I left the office and today when I logged in my entire project folder and all of the work is missing. I can still see the project as recent files in USD Composer but the folder and and path are missing completely in Nucleus.

@dlavigne i am just another user and have experienced data loss in the past, though not under the same premise. it does not, in anyway, feel good; so i empathize what you are going through. there are a few things i’d like to inquire and maybe the mods/devs could provide additional thoughts on whether it’s feasible to retrieve the project data that was lost.

  1. where did you specify the OV paths from the initial set up (library, data, and content)? were they set to the default paths (C drive) or custom paths? if the paths were pointed to a external HDD, is the device connected?
  2. which nucleus server did you save your projects into? was it a localhost or a server on a network? from your description, it sounded like the former, but would like to confirm my speculation.
  3. are you the only one accessing the server or do you have team members working within your nucleus server? if the latter, can you confirm whether they’ve lost access to the project data as well?

Thanks for the reply @Simplychenable

  1. I hadn’t logged in to Nucleus in about 2 weeks. When I logged in yesterday it immediately prompted me for the paths for Library, Content, and Cache. They were all within the %AppData% which I knew I had modified these in my initial setup, so I changed them back to E:\Omniverse\Library (same for Data, Cache). This was before I had done any work. Not sure how/why that changed, but today they are still configured to my E Drive.

  2. This is a local nucleus server - localhost.

  3. Yes. I am the only one at the moment working on the platform. I’m testing it out to assess viability for a company-wide use.

Thinking about your first question I thought about changing everything to the default and restarting but I’m not 100% sure what the default path was.

the screengrab below should be the default paths on Windows with exception of the username displayed:


it’s been mentioned by the mods/devs in the past that you don’t need a nucleus server, technically, if you don’t plan to leverage the collaboration aspects of OV or any of the connectors. but that’s a separate decision you can make and not the talking point here. but if you end up saving your files locally and outside of the nucleus server, you could see those files physically in your windows explorer which in itself may provide a safe state of mind that those files exist and accessible.

but, i feel that what might be relevant in this particular circumstance is understanding 1) how you modified the paths before and 2) which paths were set when the project was saved before the lost of data. i personally don’t prefer changing the paths after OV launcher installation and have found the cleanest is to reset OV altogether in order to get the prompt again. not to say that’s what you should do now, but part of me speculates that the project data might still be around somewhere, but the nucleus isn’t showing you the right repository. again, this is purely a speculation and i could be wrong.

also, is it safe to assume you were using the same credentials from before and after the data loss for logging into OV and your localhost?

@Simplychenable changing the paths worked…thank you so much! wow…like wow. You saved me.

Anyway I know I can use the windows file system but as part of my evaluation I wanted to use the checkpoints and begin exploring collaborations.

yea, i get where you are coming from; especially when you are trying to evaluate all facets of what OV offers 😊

good to know you are able to retrieve your project! if you end up wanting to change it back to E, i presume you still can. just make sure you copy all the data first to local and then paste them back into nucleus after the paths have been modified.

It is a good idea to manually back up your Nucleus data as well.