Entire screen shifted to the left with any 355 or 358 driver

I don’t update my HTPC too often because it only runs either a Kodi or Steam standalone sessions so I can stream games and media from my main PC and NAS. Anyways… with Kodi 14.2 released the other day I updated it(Arch x64) which updated the Nvidia drivers from 352.30 to 355.11 in the process. I quickly realized like the title suggests that my whole screen is shifted mabye 30-40(maybe more) pixels to the left leaving an ugly black bar of unused space on the right side of my TV (60" Samsung 3D LED through and Onkyo TX-NR636) and not being able to see the left side of the image since it is off the screen. My HTPC has a GT610 in it. Luckily this isn’t affecting my main PC with the GTX970’s.

I downloaded all of the recent drivers and started installing them one by one. The image being shifted to the left happens with 355.06, 355.11 and 358.09. I installed 352.55 and everything is back to normal so it’s something introduced in the 355 branch.

I’ve attached a bug report from the working 352.55 driver and the broke 358.09 driver. Let me know if I can provide anymore information or if you want I can snap some pictures of what I’m seeing. Thanks!

Edit* Some more info. I installed XFCE on it temporarily to mess with nvidia-settings in a desktop environment and with the affected drivers no amount of messing with the positioning can correct it. I also tried adjusting it on the TV itself and I can’t move it to the right enough to compensate. Something wonky in these latest drivers :)
nvidia-bug-report.log-352.55.gz (82.4 KB)
nvidia-bug-report.log-358.09.gz (64.1 KB)

For what it is worth, you are not alone. I have this exact issue; a Win7 / Gentoo dual boot system. The older Win7 drivers don’t exhibit the problem and the newer ones on Linux do. I also have the Onkyo TX-NR636 so I am suspicious of the HDMI probing being different under Linux than Windows. Are you using the passthru mode as well (PC usually has it set by default.)


I’ve encountered the same issue with a similar configuration: my GTX 970 is connected to an AV Receiver Onkyo TX-NR636 (which is connected to a 46" Samsung LED TV), and an ACER touchscreen monitor.
Everything works fine with driver version 352.55.
With driver version 355.11 and 358.09, the TV screen is shifted to the left with a black bar filling at the right of the screen. In 1920x1080 mode, the screen is shifted to the left by 45 pixels but when I lower the resolution the shift grows.
Display on the ACER monitor is always correct whatever the driver version I use.

I’ve attached a bug report for the 358.09 driver. The verbose xorg log file is named Xorg.1.log (xorg.0 is a standard quiet log).
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (622 KB)

So the common theme here is the TX-NR636.

It’s still an issue. I keep trying newer drivers but keep having to go back to the 352 branch which I’m sure will stop working with newer kernels eventually.

yep, using passthru mode.

I wonder what/if any aditional information we could provide to Nvidia to hopefully get this resolved.

Got the same issue since 355 was released; im stuck to 352 drivers; nothing further then 352 works; tried changing vga cables dvi-vga adapter hdmi- vga adapter even got a New videocard from 750ti to now a 960 and i still got this.
My monitor is a Asus vga plug LCD vw222s.

Please help i dont want to buy a new monitor because of this.

Ah… The bug happens at 1680x1050 resolution

i am on same situation Samsung 22 VGA monitor 1650x0150 resolution all series from 355 up makes screen go right with black bars on the left side of the screen

Nvidia will never solve this Problem until they support modesettings . if you try Nouveau ,i bet the problem will disappear .

yes noveau works fine and all the 352 series so there was something that nvidia did on the 355 up series

But noveau drivers perform a lot worse then propietary right?

I need to consider alternatives because this is happening to a minority and nvidia aparently has no interest in fixing this.

Nouveau is good . 3D acceleration is not okay.

well that is exactly why ppl dont use noveau 3d acceleration is crap

I’ve got the same issue on my GTX 780 + Philips 220VW. I’ll subscribe to this topic. Hopefully Nvidia will hear us.

P.S. The only resolution i got to work is 1280x720 but it’s kinda blurry…

Confirming this issue on a GTX 650, using Nvidia driver 361.28 on Arch Linux. Monitor affected is a 1920x1080 Westinghouse SK-26H240S, connected via HDMI. Screen shifts 45 pixels to the left. Two other monitors connected via DVI are not affected. Also confirming that problem does not exist when using Nouveau.

yes still happens here with 361-28 ubuntu guess we we have to go ati if one wants linux

Can we get some attention here nvidia? We are running now on obsolete drivers with 0 feedback from you

Do you have an ETA on when this is going to be fixed?

We are your customers and we deserve better treatment then this; i as very unhappy and if i dont get answers here you can bet i will spam everyting thats public related with nvidia untill someone gives me an answer!

Yay! It seems this issue is finally fixed with the 364.12 drivers. I was starting to wonder if it was ever going to be fixed after nearly 6 months.

yes i ca confirm that shifting screen issue is fixed