Environment Lighting

I have been playing around with my system to get it set up for my workflow. ‘Z’ pointing up and the alike. Somehow now when I bring my models into a new scene the environment lights don’t move when I change the time. I have tried recreating my models thinking I broke those but that didn’t work.

If I start a new blank scene and add a cube and the clear sky environment the shadows work as expected. If I start a new scene from an empty template and add a model and the clear sky environment, I get a shadow as if the light source is directly above the object.

I am not sure what I have done or how to get it back to how it was. Any ideas as to what I’ve done?

@FliesEyes i am only another user, but don’t quite understand the question. would it be possible to show a screenshot of what you are expecting vs the screenshot provided? isn’t the environment light supposed to come from above your object?

and, out of curiosity, could you confirm if both scenarios use the same world orientation (z-up, in your case)? what if you started with a blank scene, set up your environment light (supposed correct behavior) and then bring in your object?

I was able previously to change the environment time of day and the shadows would update. Now they don’t update.

Not quite sure what the issue is but here are some tips:

  1. Only the first 7 environments there are “dynamic”, meaning you can change the time of day. It is the ones with the big PLAY arrow on them.
  2. You mentioned “z-up”. You may want to try your scene with both a Z up and a Y up system and see if that fixes it. Maybe the sky is moving but in the wrong axis.

You can to use these controls to move the sky

Yes, that slider was how I had been adjusting the shadows. I feel as though another light is dominating so I my gut is telling me it could be to do with the layer order. Interestingly the Cirrus and Clear Sky environments don’t seem to have a light source any more, however I thought these were part of the Locked folders.

I am starting to think I might just need to unload the nucleus and omniverse and start fresh.

Ah I see it. You have the LIGHTING OVERIDE ON, in the top right hand corner. “Sunny Sky”. That needs to say “Stage Light”

Yes, I had to turn that on to get the shadow to change to assist with explaining the issue. Yesterday I unloaded Composer to see if that helped. I am now reloading the Environmental Skies Pack again to see if that fixes the issue.

Well that has to be on Stage Lights for sure. You should not need to anything else. I would not reinstall anything. Make sure when you delete the environment light setup, the whole scene goes totally black. That tells you there is no other lighting. Then add a new Dynamic Sky

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I will keep working on it to see if I can get to the bottom of it. Learning new software always involves steep learning curves… On a side note, does Omniverse have any UV unwrapping tools, or does all that work get done other applications like Blender etc. My CAD models done natively have UV maps so material textures don’t work. I tried looking in Omniverse to see if I can do that here but I have come up empty so far.

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That is an exciting discovery!!! thank you, I must investigate…

Thanks for the tip on the UV unwrapping tool. Let me know if you have seen a tutorial on how to use it properly. It seems it has more features that I don’t use yet.

My models are coming to life…

Great to hear ! I would Encourage you to just experiment with it and test the results.

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