Environmental Conditions for TX2 4GB?

Greetings, I’m working on a project with the Jetson TX2, but I have very specific relative humidity requirements, and I cannot find if the Jetson complies with them.

I’ve found the following table in the documentation:
imagen (3)

My issue is that my requirements range from 5% to 80%. The lower bound of this range is really extreme because it will be operating in a really extreme geographical location.
It came to my attention that low relative humidity percentages facilitate electrostatic discharges on electronics.

And so, I ask, would 5% be too low for the Jetson? Is this an issue? Is there any documentation that has the minimum relative humidity %?

And also: are there any protections that I can buy/make to prevent issues? Or any safety measures that I can take?

Thanks in advance

Hi, I am not sure the answer of that, but generally, the low humidity is better to electric product. Also you can refer to below spec that TX2 used.
Temperature Humidity Biased: JESD22-A101
Temperature Humidity Cyclin: IEC60068-2-38

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