Environmental, Qualification and Screening Tests for TX1 board

Is there a way I can get specific environmental test information for the Jetson TX1? I have the datasheet and see that section 5.4 (Reliability) has a list of tests, the reference standard and a result of “pass” for each test, but I need to know the test setpoints/conditions used.

Hi, we only provided the info in the Data Sheet. Can you tell why you need to know the test conditions?

Thanks for replying. The TX1 board is being considered for a NASA project where it will have to survive launch stresses such as mechanical shock and vibration, and thermal cycling. The project (called LOFTID) is a tech demo of a new atmosphere reentry system that will have numerous video cameras on it. I need some type of assurance that the TX1 board will survive those stresses.


“space/vacuum environment is outside of the official operating specifications of the device and as such you (and the other companies putting TX2/TX2i in space) are taking on the risk of doing so.” Please refer to below TX2 topic which outline is same to TX1: