EoIB with Centos 7.6


this is possibly a stupid question but i’ve been trying to get a solution for tww days, so there it is :

I’m tying to set a test environment with an old Exalogic.

Servers have two Infiniband Adapter each : Mellanox Technologies MT25408A0-FCC-QI ConnectX

I’ve installed Centos 7.6 .

I also have installed OFED 4.5, but this versión doesn’t support EoIB.

is there any solution?

how can i integrade my ethernet network with the infiniband network?



Hi Javi,

OFED 4.5 doesn’t support EoIB. Following is the link to the Release Notes for the driver version.


Section 2.2 Unsupported Functionalities/Features/HCAs specifies the same.

This was removed from driver version 4.0. After reviewing Pages 58 and 59 of the Release Notes for OFED 3.4.1000, EoIB is supported only in SLES11SP2 and RHEL6.4 under driver version 2.1-1.0.0 and 2.0-3.0.0. Following is the link.


Also, as per the User Manual for OFED 3.4, EoIB is supported in ConnectX®-3/ConnectX®-3 Pro adapter cards only. Section Ethernet over IB (EoIB) specifies the same.