EOL of ams AS3729 Power Stage

The AS3729 is going to be discontinued by ams soon. This power stage is used in conjunction with the AS3722 PMIC for single-cell battery-operated TK1 systems. They continue manufacturing the power stage IC AS3728 as a companion to the AS3722. However, the AS3728 is made for 5V or 12V input. It cannot run directly from a single-cell lithium battery.

Is anyone aware of a PMIC solution (from another vendor) that works for the TK1 with input voltages down to 3V?

Hope someone has such experience can be shared. Did you ask AMS for the possible replacement.

Yes, we are in contact with AMS. They do not have a replacement part. They are currently even evaluating whether the AS3722 and the AS3728 will stay in their portfolio. It seems that they are currently restructuring their portfolio. If they would announce an EOL for the AS3722, it would basically kill the TK1 for everyone.

Did Nvidia get any longevity commitment from AMS for the PMIC solutions?