Epic Games Unreal Engine 4 Omniverse Connector Updates

100.2 Hotfix Release Notes

  • Features
    • Add Unreal Engine 4.26 editor support
      • Note: The export folder dialogs in 4.26 do not refresh Omniverse server folders properly. Browse/create folders from the Content Browser first.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Collision properly exported from stand-alone static mesh asset exports
    • Fix crash when exporting DDS textures when a material uses virtual textures (note, proper VT export is not supported)
    • Fix crash when loading Level with USD actors
    • Fix live-edit of many Cinematic Camera properties
    • Fix binding materials to geometry subsets, honored only if the familyName of subset is UsdShadeTokens->materialBind
    • Remove the “Omniverse USD Sequence+ (usd)” Image Output Format from the Render Movie Settings because it is no longer supported
    • Fix crash when importing USD skeletal meshes. Garbage collection cleans up StaticMeshLOD so some classes needed to be moved to a different module.
  • Changes
    • Avoid exporting TangentX array for skeletal meshes if unnecessary

100.3 Hotfix Release Notes

  • Features
    • Add support for MetersPerUnit on import and export for meshes, shapes, cameras, lights, and stages
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fix crash when editing material caused by Geometry Subset material binding
    • Remove duplicate vertices when exporting UE4 Landscape to USD mesh
    • Fix SkelRoot live edit perf issue
    • Get full data and handle transform exporting from Level Sequence sections even if there’s no key in a shot
    • Avoid crashing when MDL function call creation fails and reports an error
    • SkyAtmosphere material expressions get a constant 0 value when exported as MDL
  • Changes
    • Always create UE4 actor when loading a USD prim (rather than only if it is a model or lacks a parent component). This changes the layout actors, meshes, components, etc in UE4 to be more like the USD stage. Fewer components, more actors
    • Merge multiple camera sequence shots into a new USD camera while still preserving the original shot cameras
    • Support exporting BC6H/BC7 2D textures
    • Replace UE4 material function DeriveTangentBasis with TangentBasis when exporting MDL materials due to the usage of incompatible DDX and DDY material nodes