Epic Games Unreal Engine Omniverse Connector Updates

204.0 Point Release

Release Date: January 2024

This release focuses on material workflow. A material export fail-safe mode was added so that when an Unreal material cannot be translated to MDL, a baked USD Preview Surface material will automatically be created as a fallback. Also, a material reparenting and parameter mapping system using the Omniverse MDL materials as an interchange format was added. This mechanism allows creators to map the parameters of any Unreal material to an Omniverse material (like OmniPBR or OmniGlass) for import, export, and live conversions.

  • Added

    • Support reparenting Omniverse MDLs and USD Preview Surface to custom Unreal materials for import, export, and live [OM-96764]
    • Support for exporting USD Preview Surface UDIM textures (5.3 only) [OM-56071]
    • Support loading Omniverse Automotive and Environments materials [OM-102689]
    • Support loading custom UMM material graph shaders [OM-112905]
    • Support exporting Unreal level to USD/MDL files with unicode filenames [OM-96012]
    • Support loading and importing USD/MDL files with unicode filenames [OM-113751]
    • Support loading UsdGeom shapes for point instancer [OM-117061]
    • Add a download option for folders and assets on Nucleus [OM-118160]
  • Fixed

    • Fix Live Session rename+undo leaves a copy of prim in live layer [OM-110285]
    • Fix live editing instances for point instancer [OM-117061]
    • Fix crash when loading an UMM material [OM-110465]
    • Fix sampling normal maps when using base::tangent_space_normal_texture [OM-112888]
    • Fix loading UMM materials with BSDF inputs [OM-110465]
    • Fix loading a mesh with an invalid GeomSubsets partition [OM-111888]
    • Fix updating Static Parameter when the input value is false
    • Fix crash when opening USD with the recursion of same layer [OM-113171]
    • Fix crash when exporting an animation Blueprint [OM-114751]
    • Fix issue when a stage is dragged & dropped with a Scope parent prim and weird rotation happens [OM-114846]
    • Fix material inputs connected to MDL shader inputs do not import correctly [OM-115679]
    • Fix OmniGlass MDL imports to set the Refraction Method to “Index of Refraction”
    • Fix crash when cancelling Nucleus server connection [OM-118878]
  • Improved

    • Stop polluting the resolver package with boost libs, build plugin against Unreal boost libs [OM-112473]
    • Significant build refactor to incorporate repo tools
    • Display name can be enabled when exporting an actor or object
    • Display name metadata is for USD material and shader [OM-96012]
    • Notifications for the changes of references and payloads [OM-114435]
    • USD Preview Surface is used instead if MDL conversion fails, providing fail-safe material export [OM-62682]
    • The upAxis and metersPerUnit from the layer of references and payloads will be converted to a unit transform on the referencing prim [OM-114430]
    • Update Omniverse USD Resolver Plugin to 1.40.0
    • Update Omniverse Client Library to 2.41.0
    • Update MDL SDK to 367100.4957 [OM-108115]
    • Update MDL Core Materials Library to 1.1.2-b6c69fec [OM-116019]