Equipment for 14 monitor setup


I am looking for a recomendation for equipment for a 14x1 4k monitor setup. From what I understand that I would need at least 4 rtx A4000 or similar setup and also a sync card, but is there anything i am missing?

Thank you in advance, and appologies for newbie question.

what operating system are you targetting? windows desktop is limited to 16k, which is below your 14x 4k :-(.
afaik, Linux might also have a limit, maybe between 16k and 32k. our GPU buffers have a 32k limit typically, so you can’t go beyond 8x 4ks!
you will have to split this very high resolution up into multiple Mosaics, likely run this from multiple PCs even :-(.
you could do like 4x4 of 4ks, but putting them all in a single row will hit several limits on various fronts, I’m sorry to be so definite here…
if you own the content, maybe you can trick the content to be showing correctly, even if rendered into a more square desktop buffer like 7x2 4ks?