Equirectangular adn Half-Equirectangular format of h264 format

How do I encode the h264 stream to define that it’s Equirectangular or Half- Equirectangular. I need to do this for the youtube stream to tell if it’s a 360 or 180 deg. livestream.

Would need your help to share more information about how to define Equirectangular or Half- Equirectangular in h264 stream. Is it defined in h264 NALs such as SPS or PPS? If you have sample h264 stream which contains the information, please attach it foe our reference.

I’m not sure if SPS or PPS is part of this. The Equirectangular or half-Equirectangular is often used in VR180 or VR360 formats. Both Facebook and Youtube support this, but there is very little information/specification on the encoding setting.

This looks related to

There is no existing implementation and you would need to implement it.