Equirectangular format from two 110 deg HFOV cameras

Anyone who have experience in creating a Equirectangular representation of multiple cameras being able to serve “full” encoder performance, e.g. 4k @60fps

Does it MIPI CSI camera?

Yes, It’s two Raspberry Pi HQ Cameras

You can check the sample code of the tegra_multimedia_api

How does the VPI API relate to the multimedia API?, what parts sould be use what API?

Is there eny specific sample code that warps into a Equirectangular view?

Please check if you are able to capture through gstreamer nvarguscamerasrc or Argus APIs. In gstreamer, we have nvdewarper plugin but the source has to be 360 degree.

I have two 110 deg cameras, and How could GStreamet stitch two cameras inte one stream?

Do you need dewarping? We have nvdewarper plugin but it supports 360 deg only. For 110 deg, you may try
However, it is native gstreamer software plugin and may take certain CPU loading. Suggest you run sudo jetson_clocks to get max performance.