Equivalent of bootloader/l4t-rootfs-uuid.txt for partition LABEL rather than UUID?

If I want to clone a single Jetson Xavier NX module and use that to flash many, I will have a problem that I will need to read the UUID of each new device’s NVMe partition to use a command like sudo flash.sh jetson-xavier-nx external after moving the partition to NVMe per something like this: Jetson/L4T/Boot From External Device - eLinux.org

Is there any equivalent setting in the bootloader for specifying a partition label rather than UUID?


Currently there is no method to do massflash with external storage. We are checking this internally.


The uuid is not necessary. If you know the partition of external storage, you can directly indicate it during flash.sh.

For example,

sudo ./flash.sh board_name nvme0n1p1