Equivalent of ROS minimumScore in gmapping?

I’m trying to create a map using the gmapping software. The host will occasionally generate the following:

“Scan Matching Failed, using odometry. Likelihood=0”

Googling this, I see a lot of references to ROS documentation and really nothing about Isaac. I’ve tried most of the ROS fixes, but several posts suggest setting minimumScore to a high number. There seems to be no equivalent parameter in Isaac. Is there a parameter or parameters that can be used to do this?
ROS docs list the parameter this way:
" ~minimumScore (float, default: 0.0)

  • Minimum score for considering the outcome of the scan matching good. Can avoid jumping pose estimates in large open spaces when using laser scanners with limited range (e.g. 5m). Scores go up to 600+, try 50 for example when experiencing jumping estimate issues."

The Isaac codelet that wraps GMapping from OpenSLAM in 2020.1NX does not expose its minimumScore setting as an Isaac parameter yet, unfortunately. It is hardcoded to 0.5. We’ll get this on our backlog to expose all of the GMapping paramters.

Alright, thanks. I’m not sure if that’s the basis of my problem or not.