Erase Xavier NX emmc/QSPI flash?

As part of testing our factory toolchain, it’s very useful to have a fully “blank” Xavier NX - since when we get them, they don’t boot at all until the flashing cycle has run - but for testing new parts of our workflow, it would be really useful to be able to “factory reset” a Xavier NX.

What’s the correct way to do this? I found an old post that referred to tegradevflash_v2 but did not actually specify how to run this.

To be clear: what I’m hoping to accomplish is to erase everything on the Xavier NX so that it doesn’t boot and has no data - just like we get them when new. Also, if I then re-flash, I’d like the device to boot again. (I’m not trying to create bricks here :) )



I will check internally to see if this is something to be publicly supported.

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currently, you can try the following method for erasing individual partitions with

Put the device into recovery
Run the command
sudo ./ --no-flash --sign --no-systemimg <board> mmcblk0p1

Extract the command from “bootloader/flashcmd.txt” and replace the “sign” with “erase <partition name>” after –cmd
Put the device into recovery
Change to “bootloader” directory and run the command obtained in step 3 with “sudo”

I just confirmed it’s working by erasing the APP partition on my AGX Orin.

Erasing the whole device should be done with tegradevflash_v2, but the workflow is more complicated and integrated into the flashing process, so we may need sometime to figure out how to run it individually.

OK, I was able to erase the BCT partition - this looks like enough for me for now, as it makes the device completely unresponsive until re-flashing - which was my goal.



some updates here:
In tegradevflash_v2, the process of erasing the whole device is followed by writing every partitions back, so you either erase a single partition, or erase them all and write them all back, and you cannot just erase the device and leave it as is.

Good to know. For my purposes, it’s enough to just erase the BCT partition.

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