Erratic electronic behavior when powering a high power device via GPIO pin


I try to control a 12V DC motor via the GPIO pin on the Jetson Nano 2GB, at the moment I acknowledge that, it is not feasible to directly control the high power DC motor directly from the GPIO pins. Thus, I decide to use a 5V relay to isolate the high and low voltage circuit. To control the relay I use a 2N 2222A (NPN) transistor. Based on my observation, the 5V relay that I am using does not have an Opto-isolator as shown in the picture below.

I also have a common ground between the external 5V power source and the Jetson Nano ground pin, and my electronic circuit setup is as shown below. Assume that the Arduino in the diagram is the Jetson Nano, because I could not find Jetson Nano in the circuit editor components inventory.

The relay can be controlled by the GPIO pin (pin D3 referring to the schematic diagram) to switch without any problems when there is no load to be switch by the relay. But once the 12V dc motor is connected to the relay and switched to be powered, the LED connected to the D13 pin as shown in the schematic start to blink erratically. For now, I still have no idea what caused this issue and what I can do to solve this problem.

After trying to use some 0.1 microFarad capacitors link directly to the dc motor terminals. This problem have been suppressed significantly, I might say it is solved. The setup of the capacitors link to the dc motor can be refer to the link below. I choose the 3 capacitors setup.

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