Erratic Saving Issues on Nucleus

I have a functioning Nucleus server on my Windows PC (localhost) and I am the only user. I have both the Nucleus Navigator (3.1.2) and Drive (100.1.11) installed.

I have been experiencing stage behaviour recently, namely items saved to Nucleus often (but not always) seem to save but then have no geometry and a blank usd file.

I have experienced this strange behaviour when saving from both Isaac Sim (2022.1.1) and Create (2022.2.2)

I recently loaded the ‘Cad Converter’ extension v102.5.5 and it works great although I can find very little documentation on it at present.

Using the above I have now managed to re-create a definite repeatable Nucleus issue:

I have a SolidWorks CAD assembly for a Fanuc Robot (from GrabCAD) saved on my PC hard drive and also there is an exact copy of this saved on my Nucleus.

If I use ‘Import’ from Create and use the file located on my c: drive as the import file target then all works as expected. Image attached.

However if I use the file import target located on my Nucleus it fails as below:

No messages are generated in the console as you can see.

I have attached the files (zipped, with no password) ImportOK and ImportFAIL.

I have therefore now resorted to not using Nucleus until I am sure the issue of random save failure sis resolved.

Supplementary Question

With regards to the CAD Converter I would like for instance to cull Prims that are totally enclosed in other Prims, e.g. gears in a gearbox, on import to help reduce data count. I’ve done this when writing CAD importers for other simulation tools myself so I guess the Hoops API, which I believe the CAD Converter uses, can do this?

Many thanks.

uploades zip files as mentioned above… (1.2 MB) (1.9 MB)

HI, latest issue today. On the Launcher I saw that Nucleus Navigator was upgraded to 3.2.0 so I duly upgraded my Nucleus to 3.2.0

It has now lost my login completely and aftre much frantic seraching I managed to login with the default admin, admin credentials

I’ve now at least managed to backup my data but please sort this out.

Many thanks

@robert.lloyd1 If you roll back to Navigator 3.1.2 were you users available again?

Yes that seems to do it.
I’ll keep rolled back until further notice.

Still doesn’t answer my previous issue though


We’re attempting to replicate the issue. This isn’t one we’ve seen before.

Please make sure you’ve updated your launcher to the newest release.

Also, please try to shut down all the services for Nucleus, then update to the new Nucleus Navigator and restart Nucleus. We believe it may be a difference in the way Navigator communicates with System Monitor.

You can do this from the Nucleus tab in launcher->Local Nucleus Services->settings option in the hamburger menu.

Finally, after you’ve done this, you may need to restart your computer as well.

@robert.lloyd1 We are not able to replicate this issue internally. Can you supply any steps to replicate the Navigator issue?

If you are having issues with the cad converter, you may want to post that issue in the other channel

We found that importing STL/IGES/PVZ file from Nucleus fails (can’t import data properly).
Workaround is to import those file types from local drive now. Sorry for your inconvenience.