Error 43 in vm


I am running an VM with my GTX 1080 Ti passed through on Debian. And since qemu is not up to date I can’t get around the error 43 that pops when you pass through a nvidia GPU(pointing out that AMD gpus do not do this) give you an error 43 when not spoofing the vendor id.

I am not sure why nvidia is blocking me from accessing my gpu. I know they claim to do it because otherwise cloudgaming services would use that instead of the Xenon cards. But that would be against the TOS and companies like nvidia have the man power to visit those companies and sue them if they find them using GTX 1080s against the TOS.


Is there any other way to make it work in a vm?

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with libvirt:

      <vendor_id state='on' value='SomeString'/>

with qemu:


in -cpu option

I can’t spoof the vendor ID because of the version of qemu I am using. So I can’t do this. But I am not sure why I should do this at all. Because with AMD cards it works out of the box.

then compile qemu yourself. is easy