Error about Jetpack 3.0 install

When I use this command : ./
I can not download update lock.

so I have install proxychain and use this command:
proxychains ./

I download all the update lock. but when I click next.
before I type the TX2 ip address I meet a error window:
Error occurs during querying next page: Page chmod not found.
Please check Launcher.log

However, I think the error reason maybe because proxychains
but if dont use it I can’t download update lock…

do you have some suggestion?

You might try simply deleting your JetPack directory and running again. JetPack was intended for use without sudo (though it will ask later for password when needed). If you ever ran this with sudo, then any temporary files will be owned by root and a regular user cannot refresh or update those files. Have you ever run as root?

I delete JetPack directory and running again as follows:

proxychains ./

and result is :

Error: Please run JetPack as a non-elevated user. When root access is needed, the installer will prompt you.

You must avoid su and sudo (although you must enter your password when prompted). I’d completely delete the directory again and unpack it as non-su/sudo and try again. There may be temporary files or subdirectories which end up being owned by root and those files would become immutable to a non-root user…but non-root is the one which downloads the manifest and sets up the install. I just want to rule out that some temporary content failure might be the cause.

Thank you.
I have fix it.
And, I push the key on my CSDN blog.
Here is web:
However, Article is written by Chinese…