Error accessing 'Help Contents' et al

Developing for a Jetson TX2 with following configuration:

  • Windows10-64bit machine running VMware 15 Player, with VM of Ubuntu 18.04
  • Installed Chrome as browser on VM, and can access net w/o issue
  • Installed Jetpack 4.4 on VM
    • Using Nsight Eclipse Edition as primary IDE, with plans to cross-compile onto Jetson, which will be used as a headless embedded processor
    • Had to sort out the whole OpenJDK-8 versus OpenJDK-11 issue to launch Nsight Eclipse correctly
    • Have imported sample host projects and compiled successfully
    • Have yet to import any projects for the target TX2

When attempting to access anything on the Help menu, including Help Contents, all I get is a Chrome window with an HTTP ERROR, as per:

I am new to Linux (Windows programmer since 1995) and figure this is a configuration issue, attempting to load Help from a local repository which does not seem to exist.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I have the same issue accessing help from Nsight Eclipse with an Ububtu 18.04 installation. I suspect a web-server issue (e.g. Tomcat) but after the amount of difficulty with the installation process, am reluctant to make any changes.

Did you ever identify a good solution to this issue?

I agree, exactly the same problem. I dug around and found index.html under usr/local/cuda-10.2/doc/html, it’s sort of helpful but does not really solve the problem.

Basically, can NVidia provide support for NSight Eclipse 10.2? Anyone working on the Nano / wishing to cross compile for the Nano… cannot use the latest CUDA as it’s not supported. But all the help and reference for NSight Eclipse is based on the latest 11.2 at the time of writing. Some settings / dialogs have changed since then and it seems impossible to find help. And, as mentioned above, the built-in help in NSight Eclipse is just empty. Files not there, not on system, cannot find them on the web.