Error accessing 'Help Contents' et al

Developing for a Jetson TX2 with following configuration:

  • Windows10-64bit machine running VMware 15 Player, with VM of Ubuntu 18.04
  • Installed Chrome as browser on VM, and can access net w/o issue
  • Installed Jetpack 4.4 on VM
    • Using Nsight Eclipse Edition as primary IDE, with plans to cross-compile onto Jetson, which will be used as a headless embedded processor
    • Had to sort out the whole OpenJDK-8 versus OpenJDK-11 issue to launch Nsight Eclipse correctly
    • Have imported sample host projects and compiled successfully
    • Have yet to import any projects for the target TX2

When attempting to access anything on the Help menu, including Help Contents, all I get is a Chrome window with an HTTP ERROR, as per:

I am new to Linux (Windows programmer since 1995) and figure this is a configuration issue, attempting to load Help from a local repository which does not seem to exist.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I have the same issue accessing help from Nsight Eclipse with an Ububtu 18.04 installation. I suspect a web-server issue (e.g. Tomcat) but after the amount of difficulty with the installation process, am reluctant to make any changes.

Did you ever identify a good solution to this issue?