Error appears when prim is added and then removed


I’m using the urdf importer to import an object and create a prim. When I try to remove this prim using the function stage.RemovePrim(prim_path) in headless mode, I got an error that appears:

 [Error] [omni.physx.plugin] PhysX error: PxRigidActor::attachShape: shape must be shared or unowned, FILE /buildAgent/work/99bede84aa0a52c2/source/physx/src/NpRigidActorTemplate.h, LINE 228

When running the same code in render mode, no error appears.
Do someone know what could generate this error ?

Is there is a better way to remove prims from a scene ? The function scene.remove_object(prim_name) seemed to have no effect when I tried to use it to remove an object from the scene.

Thanks in advance

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