Error: "Can't acces Fan!" when trying to run /usr/bin/jetson_clocks on TX2 with JetPack 4.2

I’ve been trying to run the jetson_clocks script on a TX2 both on the development board and an Orbitty carrier with the orbitty BSP. The fan is running, however, when I trying executing the jetson_clocks script, I get the error “Can’t access Fan!”.

Can someone provide some insight as to why the jetson_clocks script is unable to execute properly even though it has complete access to the TX2 fans (and the fan is already running)?

Thanks in advanced!

Did you use “sudo”? This requires root permissions.

If permissions were not a problem, then the board support package probably has not fully set up the device tree. That file is a result of a driver (it isn’t a real file on disk), and the driver needs the device tree to correctly find the fan. I have no idea what is needed for Orbitty, but it will be a BSP issue if it is not a permissions issue (or if a custom kernel didn’t put a driver in, that would be the same result as the driver not finding the fan hardware).