Error: Can't initialize nvrm channel

I am getting the error, “Error: Can’t initialize nvrm channel” when I run chromium-browser from a terminal prompt. The error is being printed in the terminal window over and over again, many times per second. This is happing on all four of my TX2s even though they have been freshly flashed with Jetpack 4.2. I have not modified the system in any way and I’ve used all the default options for flashing. How can I get rid of this error?

We can observe the print. Will check and update.

Any updates on this? Having the same problem here

We are investigating the issue. A quick solution is to run chrome with sandbox disabled (chromium-browser --no-sandbox) or disabling gpu (chromium-browser --disable-gpu).

At my Jetson Nano (Jetpack 4.2.1)
When I run $ jupyter lab, my screen fulls with
“Error: Can’t initialize nvrm channel”

$ chromium-browser --disable-gpu
It opens chromium browser, but when I close the chromium then this error occurs:

[15915:15915:0816/] Not implemented reached in virtual void syncer::HttpBridgeFactory::OnSignalReceived()
[15915:15931:0816/] Waited 9 ms for network service
[15915:15941:0816/] Passwords datatype error was encountered: Change processor disconnected.
$ chromium-browser --no-sandbox
$ jupyter lab 
(it run smoothly)

Thank you.

I have this issue with Jupyter notebook but if i run Jupyter lab it’s no more showed,
without lunch chromium-browser first.

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Any update on this for the Electron issue?

Running into the same error message today on my TX2. It seems no impact yet on the purpose of application since no camera operation is involved. Apparently it’s related to command “npm run electron” to open a GUI in my case, which is a Javascript virtual environment.

Sort of annoying by keeping getting the following lines in loop:

Error: Can’t initialize nvrm channel
nvdc: open: Operation not permitted
nvdc: failed to open ‘/dev/tegra_dc_ctrl’.

Just a feedback. Hope the dev team can rootcause and fix it soon.
Best regards.

hi i have deployed node.js and electron both on Jetson Nano 4gb. when i try to run it from terminal, i get the same error.

I also tried to run a packaged electron app having arm64 architecture but still the same error.

i tried this command
$ chromium-browser --disable-gpu

but still no luck.

I downloaded jetson nano image on 3rd june 2021 so i suppose it will have latest jetpack.

any update on this issue?


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I had a related problem, this was my fix: Error: Can't initialize nvrm channel - #18 by julie