[Error] Creating a new AE Title


I’d like to create an new AE TITLE to setup pretrained-segmentation-models.
But I got an error such below image:

Why I got this error ?
Of course, the pipeline has been registered.

Thank you.

Hi @yasu18,

Please try changing the argument from lung-tumor-pipeline=5c3b... to pipeline-lung-tumor=5c3b.



Hi @vicchang ,

It worked thanks to your advice!!!
I did not know the name of key must beginning with “pipeline”…

Thank you!!!

@vicchang Does the attribute name for the mapped pipeline have to start with the prefix pipeline? It is not clear by looking at the API example
Are there other constraints for this attribute name, i.e. the part after the prefix pipeline? is the part after the prefix meant to distinguish multiple pipelines if there are? In that case, can the attribute name change to pipelines and the value a list of pipeline UIDs?

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