Error: curl failed with error 126

I am trying to install the license keys for PGI Fortran workstation.
When running the PGI license tool /usr/pgi/linux86/16.3/bin/pgi_license_tool
I have

ERROR: curl failed with error 126

What does it mean and what should I do?

Are you running on a 32-bit Linux system?

If you are running on a 64-bit Linux system, run
and see if that works.

If not, do things manually. Send the output dialogs of the following to

  1. lsb_release
  2. /sbin/ifconfig
  3. lmutil lmhostid
  4. lmutil lmhostid -hostname
  5. lmutil lmhostid -internet
  6. ping localhost
  7. ping “the hostname revealed in (4)”