Error Deploying my own defined operator

We have tried deploying our own model as a pipeline with Clara Deploy SDK, but runs into an error.

my config_inference.json in the URL below

Hi chananvich,

What version of the Clara Train SDK are you using? Based on the error messages, it looks like you are using app_base_inference v1. This is compatible with Clara Train v1 and has been deprecated.

There is a new v2 version of the base inference app that is compatible with more recent versions of the Clara Train SDK. You can find the container and docs here:


Thanks for your suggestion we have solved the error above by changing to app_base_inference_v2.
However, we have run into a different error RuntimeError: No active exception to reraise
before the error message there are multiple lines of INFO:app.App:Trying to check TRTIS server health
The error message occurs when we use the bash script
The image of this error is embeded in this message, together with some config files and curl output of trtis docker.
Please tell us if further information is required.

curl_output.txt (1.2 KB)

Hi chananvich,

The curl output looks OK, but there are some errors in the output. In the first screen capture the script fails to find And after the error messages in the second screen capture, it looks like a syntax error in

Can you share the and scripts? Will you also check the path for the script?

Kris and is embeded below. we can’t find in any place, where can we find the file and what does it do? (2.5 KB) is a legacy code from v1 and it’s not longer used (2.7 KB)

We solved the previous problem by renaming graphdef file.

But, we have a new problem. When I run

below is the zipped model repository containing .pbtxt file and .trt.pb file that is renamed to model.graphdef
Model Repository (G-Drive)