Error: Device must be specified with -d flag. Valid choices are 'xavier' and 'x64'.

When I try to build: bazel build //apps/samples/stereo_depth_dnn, it shows that I need to specify the device. Can anyone help? thanks

Hi Taoxh,

You must be getting this error while running the application i.e. while executing the following command.

bazel run //apps/samples/stereo_depth_dnn

This application requires the user to specify on which device the application should run. The supported devices for this application are Nvidia Jetson Xavier or any x64 machine. So the correct way to run the application on x64 machine(your workstation) is

bazel run //apps/samples/stereo_depth_dnn -- -d x64

Please look at the documentation link for more details. Thank you.

Best Regards,