Error during execution of "sample_egomotion"

Hello all,

When executing the precompiled sample “/usr/local/driveworks/bin/sample_egomotion” on the DriveAGX, we get the following error:
"WindowGLFW: Failed create window
terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘std::exception’ "

We use the DriveAGX without a physical monitor attached, with the minimized Ubuntu (flashed DriveOS 5.2.0 accordingly to NVIDIA DRIVE Downloads | NVIDIA Developer).
For remote access to the DriveAGX we use the VNC server “x11vnc” and the virtual X server “Xvfb”.

Is this error caused by the fact that “sample_egomotion” uses the library “glfw” which by default does not work with the Xvfb?
If that is the case, what is the solution:
-re-build of the “glfw” with some specific options? or
-re-build of the sample_egomotion with some specific options?

Thank you for your support!

Dear @iulian.2.sadovan,
Yes. Could you check adding --offscreen=2 runtime parameter

Dear @iulian.2.sadovan ,
Could you share the status?

Dear SivaRamaKrishna,

Thank for your reply.
I will share the results as soon as I am able to run the example again with the --offscreen=2, I hope even today.

Until then, one commment from my side: I know that --offscreen=1 supresses the generation of graphical output. If that is what --offscreen=2 also does, then this is not a solution for us, because we need remote access to graphical output (headless mode, via VNC or other technology).