Error during i2c read probe(-121) timeout


When i start jetson nano i get"error during i2c read probe(-121)" error. Sometimes I get this error for 2 pins, sometimes it gives this error for only 1 pin. I need to use mpu9250 sensor but I can’t. I’ll be happy if you can help me. Sometimes when I run “i2cdetect -y -r 0” it shows imu runs at 0x68.

This is my code and error images: (1.3 MB)

Please probe the i2c signal to check if device ack for the command.

Hi, for any external devices I2C port, you should check the I2C signals and waveform if any issue on the port. Have you done that? It is necessary to make sure the signals are good before further debug.

Hi. I am running my mpu6050 sensor on arduino without any problems. But I can’t run it on Jetson Nano. I don’t know how to measure the signal.

What’s the voltage level request of mpu6050 I2C? The voltage should match at least.