error fetching interface information: Device not found

My TX1 gives me a strange error when I ssh to it. It says:
enx00044b5825ac: error fetching interface information: Device not found

Everything after the enx is the mac address of the device. Does anyone know what this means? It was doing this last week.

Where does that message show up? For example, are you using ssh from a remote host to the Jetson, or the other way around? Does this show up on the command line, or via something like dmesg to see logs? Does ssh still work?

When I ssh from the ubuntu host the message appears along with the other login messages in my shell. Everything seems to work I’m mostly curious as to what is going on.

I’m attempting to determine if the message came from the host or the Jetson since ssh involves both…if the message occurs prior to reaching the Jetson login, then it comes from the host; at some point during login (right before the command prompt is available) messages are from the Jetson. If you use “sudo dmesg | tail” on both host and Jetson there may be a log message to show the origin of the message.

Additionally, you can ssh from your host to your host to see purely host messages. You can also ssh into the Jetson, and from that prompt, ssh from Jetson to Jetson to isolate Jetson messages.

Note that network interfaces and device special files are often renamed via udev rules after the device or interface is created. Some applications make assumptions about unchanging device/interface names and fail to consider udev renaming. Udev itself can also fail due to less common issues (such permissions or disk space issues).

It’s the last message in my login messages when I ssh onto the device.

In the kernel log I see some message about trying to add an ip6 address that says “failure 22 (Invalid argument)”

I’m thinking both IPv4 and IPv6 configuration is being attempted by virtue of the DHCP router, with the Jetson not being specifically configured for IPv6 (the last part of the login would imply the message is generated on the Jetson…but there are several steps in login, so knowing which step is not necessarily an easy task). Once you’ve logged in, what is the output of “ifconfig”? I’m curious if anything IPv6 shows up.

Also, what’s the nature of your router? Is this a separate router appliance? Or perhaps the host?

ifconfig eth0 returns inet and inet6 info that looks valid. Sorry, if I told you anything about my lan my employer would be very very angry.

Thanks for your help but since this is not impeding my work I’m not going to worry about it anymore.