Error importing extension (python module)

Hello there, I am trying to import an extension I created in Omniverse Code into Omniverse USD Composer. In the USD Composer extension settings, I added the extension search path where the extension can be found, and it shows up on the lefthand bar under the USER tab. However when I try to load it in, a red triangle warning shows up next to the extension on/off toggle switch, and the attached error occurs. I have also attached the extension.toml file below. The toml file seems to say its creating a python module called info_panel_ext but I do not know how or where to import that module to get it to work in USD Composer. The extension works fine in Code, where it was created. Thank you.

The extension.toml:

Semantic Versioning is used:

version = “1.0.0”

Lists people or organizations that are considered the “authors” of the package.

authors = [“Olin Littlejohn”]

The title and description fields are primarily for displaying extension info in UI

title = “info_panel_ext”
description=“Info panel for JPL mission simulation.”

Path (relative to the root) or content of readme markdown file for UI.

readme = “docs/”

URL of the extension source repository.

repository = “”

One of categories for UI.

category = “simulation”

Keywords for the extension

keywords = [“kit”, “info panel”, “control panel”, “simulation information”]

Location of change log file in target (final) folder of extension, relative to the root.

More info on writing changelog: Keep a Changelog


Preview image and icon. Folder named “data” automatically goes in git lfs (see .gitattributes file).

Preview image is shown in “Overview” of Extensions window. Screenshot of an extension might be a good preview image.

preview_image = “data/preview.png”

Icon is shown in Extensions window, it is recommended to be square, of size 256x256.

icon = “data/icon.png”

Use omni.ui to build simple UI

“omni.kit.uiapp” = {}

Main python module this extension provides, it will be publicly available as “import info_panel_ext”.

name = “info_panel_ext”


Extra dependencies only to be used during test run

dependencies = [
“omni.kit.ui_test” # UI testing extension

error.pdf (151.3 KB)

Hi @olittlej

Can you share your extension, via GitHub, as an attachment here directly or any other way?