Error Importing Facial Animation

I am getting this error when I try to import facial animation
LogOmniverseUsd: Warning: USD Error in pxrInternal_v0_20__pxrReserved__::SdfLayer::_OpenLayerAndUnlockRegistry at line 3037 in file C:\b\w\ca6c508eae419cf8\USD\pxr\usd\sdf\layer.cpp : Cannot determine file format for @C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Kit\shared\capture\a2f_cache.usd@

i am following this tutorial by Nvidia Overview of the Omniverse Audio2Face to Metahuman Pipeline with Unreal Engine 4 Connector - YouTube

Hi zameelabdulsamad,
According to USD/layer.cpp at release · PixarAnimationStudios/USD · GitHub, seems your usd a2f_cache.usd is invalid.
How did you get the usd? Maybe we can find out what’s going on.