Error importing usd to UE5 metahuman

Unable to import facial animation.
This is the error in the logs
‘Error cant find timeline code’


Hello @JEK! Could you please attach your logs from here: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Documents\Omniverse\Unreal In the meantime, I’ve sent this over to the dev team to take a look.

Hello @JEK, could you give us a little more context please?

What are your reproduction steps from start to error? I assume you generated a facial animation file from A2F then tried to import into Unreal using the Import Facial Animation menu… could you provide that file here on the forums? We could then see what might be happening.

Also… just checking… did you follow the steps according to the Importing Audio2Face Facial Animation?


a2f_08_03_2023.usd (138.3 KB)
Sure @LouRohan here is the file, and yes i did follow the steps exactly in those tutorials :(

@WendyGram apologies i cant find the log file with that destination (refer to screenshot) mind directing me how to find it?

The Unreal logs are actually found under the project’s \Saved\Logs\ folder, but I don’t need it. I tested your USD file and I found this:

Error: Cannot find curve timesamples in omniverse://.../a2f_08_03_2023.usd

Looking further, your USD is missing this attribute: float[] custom:mh_curveValues. I imagine this is due to either Audio2Face doing the wrong thing, or the export wasn’t done correctly.

@yseol - might you have any ideas why this happened?

Yes, there is a missing attribute float[] custom:mh_curveValues in the .usd file.

@JEK Are you using latest audio2face from the launcher? and using this blendshape template? omniverse://localhost/NVIDIA/Assets/Audio2Face/Samples/blendshape_solve/male_bs_46.usd